Things seem to have changed alot at Nintendo over the past 5 years, but they still come under fire for recycling the same brands over and over. Personally I don't have a big issue with this, you might aswell have a different brand for each genre of game and stick to what works, just update the story and technicalities with each revision. Anyway, for you doubters out there Miyamoto had something to say on the subject in a recent interview.

"I guess I don’t necessarily see my job as creating new characters as it is creating new experiences. Recently, Wii Fit is creating the concept and the idea and the feeling behind the game. That has been one of my new creations. For characters, we came up with the concept of the Miis and that allows people to come up with their own characters. Maybe next year sometime, we may have new characters in the same way we came up with Pikmin when we introduced the GameCube."

Of course we'd like to see new charactors, but this takes quite a long time to get right, anyone else actually complaining or is it a myth?

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