The Crimson/Oynx DS Lite Bundle

"The top half of the new Nintendo DS sports a smooth, glossy Crimson, reminiscent of a dangerous shade of lipstick or a cherry-red sports car. The bottom is a matte black – an Onyx yin that complements the Crimson yang."

It's certainly a bold new colour scheme, somewhat alittle out there. But I'm sure they'll sell just as fast as any other DS Lite. The bundle will set you back $149.99 and hits stores around August 21st.

"Brain Age 2: More Training in Minutes a Day is the sequel to the smash-hit original that got baby boomers and seniors playing and redefined the concept of what video games could be. This new title includes 15 fun new activities designed to help users exercise their brains. It challenges players in areas like math, memorization and even music."

Whilst we've not heard about a UK launch of this particular bundle, its more than likely to happen... keep your eyes pealed.