A Role Model For All Girl Gamers

The first games in this Imagine™ range will launch in October for the Nintendo DS™ system.

And those five are...

Imagine™ Fashion Designer invites players to become hip Manhattan designers handling all aspects of the fashion business, from creating their own line of clothing to directing photo shoots. Online gameplay allows players to share their designs and ideas with friends and fellow aspiring young fashionistas.

Imagine™ Animal Doctor puts young players in the role of a veterinarian, not only by treating and curing all types of animals, but also by creating new facilities to expand the veterinary hospital.

*Imagine™ Babyz®* is the first simulation game focused on caring for babies. Players take on the
challenges of raising a baby throughout all stages of development and will also be able to take photos and exchange tips and clothing through a unique online component.

Imagine™ Master Chef allows players to create recipes from all over the world using the stylus to
prepare, stir and cook ingredients. Players can customize their kitchens with utensils and appliances.
Fun mini-games include cooking quizzes and kitchen challenges.

In Imagine™ Figure Skater, players live the life of a champion who needs to balance her life between training, school and friends. Girls take on the role of a professional figure skater and use the stylus to perform jumps, spins and a variety of skating combinations.

Okay, so now girls have games to play while we big manly men use our virtual guns to splatter other less manly men in games like Call of Duty. Of course the more 'nice' of the species can't play these games without wishing there was a poor baby in the war zone to look after. That's sarcasm of course.
On the other hand the majority of the gamers who will purchase these will be young girls so they fill a gap but is the reason for that because that is what we expect these girls to buy? This is a news post not a study on gender roles in society so I'll stop there but feel free to post your opinions and your ideas for girl friendly games below.

Imagine™ Cleaning anyone?

(Image courtesy of Akolade from Penny Arcade forums)

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