Munch Munch!

Air Zonk features the futuristic relative of our prehistoric hero Bonk and is a pretty zany side-scrolling 2D shooter. The visuals are bold and impressive - the TG-16 really could dazzle when it wanted to - and the action is exactly what you'd expect - amazing. This really is the only option this week, folks!

Mach Rider and Yoshi aren't terrible games by any means, but they're a bit disappointing. Here at the VCA we can't help but feel that some NES games are getting released just to make up the numbers. If you were a fan of these titles back in the day then you'll obviously enjoy them, but everyone else should just download Air Zonk and be done with it!

Check out this week's reviews: 

Air Zonk - TurboGrafx-16 - 600 Points

Mach Rider - NES - 500 Points

Yoshi - NES - 500 Points