"Developed exclusively for Nintendo DS and making use of both the Nintendo DS stylus and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, Race Driver: Create & Race offers players the ultimate in high-performance cars to drive on the most challenging real-world tracks.

Each of the 20 plus vehicles will have their own unique handling so players will be able to ram past the competition with the exceedingly powerful, but heavy, STRANA Supertrucks, or zip past their friends in the more nimble, but exceptionally fast, race spec Honda NSX.

Race Driver: Create & Race also offers players a choice of over 30 official world class circuits. Players can power through the chicanes at Bathurst in a Ford Falcon BA V8 or slipstream down the straights at Silverstone in a Nissan 350 Z.

Add in the fun-factor of the unique Track Designer, Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and up to 4-player, Single-Card Play sharing and Race Driver: Create & Race offers players never-ending hours of adrenaline fuelled racing."

Here's the latest trailer from the developers: