Of course numbers are just numbers and they differ depending on who your talking too, for instance the NexGenWars site tells a slightly different story..

There's one fact that comes into play here and that's the Wii train is still selling at an impressive rate, its very close to taking over the Xbox 360 before the end of the year. What's that about the PS3 you say? It's almost officially a terra-flop.

It's also come to our attention that Nintendo's Wii Is the Best Product Ever according to PC Magazine, citing the following:

"Nintendo's Wii gaming console, not yet one year old, could be the best consumer electronics product—ever. In contrast, the Sony PlayStation 3 is shaping up as one of the industry's biggest flops. Rarely have I seen such extremes in product development and delivery. Nintendo, in my estimation, did everything right. Sony, on the other hand, managed to screw up a decent product in every imaginable way. "

Shame on you Sony, shame on you.

[source vgchartz.com]