Hiro On Wii? Yes Please!

Thankfully the guys over at Gaming Target have compiled an interest list of predictions regarding E3, here's the ones that caught our eye.

"It should be noted that these are all educated guesses based entirely on available information as of today. I have no inside knowledge concerning any of them and if they all turn out to be correct I plan on playing the lottery the weekend after E3."

Even with that in mind, the following handful of ideas are totally possible. Nintendo's E3 media event is always interesting and usually does contain one or two surprises, we're already getting excited as to what they might be!

  • Firm release dates for Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Galaxy
  • Sonic's participation in SSBB will finally be confirmed
  • Nintendo announces Mario Kart Wii...
  • A Heroes game of some kind will be announced
  • Nintendo will expand the Virtual Console in some way
  • Take-Two will pledge massive support for the Wii including a GTA collection.

Nothing to out there, but lets just wait and see.

[source gamingtarget.com]