Will It Work?

"We’re thrilled to be working with SEGA on Sonic, one of the industry’s most enduring and compelling icons,” said Greg Zeschuk, president of BioWare. “As huge fans of Sonic ourselves, we’re committed to delivering a truly amazing story-driven experience within the Sonic universe, focusing on capturing the character’s broad appeal and placing him in a completely original adventure,” added Ray Muzyka, chief executive officer of BioWare.

So Sega have decided to turn one of the fastest games in history and mix it up with arguably the slowest genre of games, huh?, yeah that's what we think too. You'd be forgiven if you didn't know too much about BioWare, thankfully they included a recap in the press release:

"BioWare is the award-winning independent developer that has created some of the world's best-selling titles including the Baldur's Gate™ and Neverwinter Nights™ series, the 2003 Game of the Year, Star Wars®: Knights of the Old Republic™ and the 2005 RPG of the Year, Jade Empire.™ BioWare is currently developing one of the most anticipated next-generation titles of 2007, Mass Effect.™"

Whilst Sega might be taking quite a risk here, they obviously see value in the Sonic brand with this new move, any takers for a Sonic RPG?