In The Heat Of Battle.

Well, not actually fictional character G.I. Joe himself - but moreover the army have been using the Wii's cutesy graphics and innovative controls as a mental chill pill for working soldiers, and even as a recovery tool.

With the Wii keeping physio-therapists in Germany busy as they research the possible benefits of the product on health patients, the Wii's uses in the army have run deeper:

Army Spc. Shawn Roberts needed to recover after having screws implanted into his damaged wrist. Utilising the innovative controls and body movements used to play the Wii doctors ordered the soldier to use the console in order to help him to strengthen his wrist:

"I wasn’t expecting much out of it … But you don’t notice it while you’re doing it because your mind’s on the game. But then when you’re done? I was sore.”

The health benefits of the Wii are sure to go into overdrive soon as developers release fitness games marketed towards the middle-aged housewife but whether this is a bad thing or not remains to be seen. All we can assume is that Nintendo really has blown the demographic of video games players wide open.