Proper Choonage y'all.

"It's The WiiMix" is a conceptual audio project from ROBOTOBOTS (agent b & gustodian) created as a homage to both video game culture and instrumental hip hop. The goal was to produce 3 songs, each of which sampled the music from a different channel on the Nintendo Wii console. From there the music was chopped, looped, distorted, and completely reinterpreted to create a brand new sound. Dozens of new layers were created from scratch and composed from the ground up. The result is a unique blend of the Wii's clean and slick presentation and ROBOTOBOTS' grimy yet refined signature sound. Up tempo, energetic, and willing to risk anything. It's like a b-boy battle on a Power Pad.

Go check them out for yourselves. Unfortunately they are on (I know Ant hates the site) but it's worth popping your browser over there for 5 minutes to download the tracks.