It's a me, a Mario!

Another excellent week for the European Virtual Console. OK so you didn't get Streets of Rage 2! Super Mario Bros 2 should more than make up for it! The black sheep of the Mario family will keep you entertained for ages. Mach Rider isn't going to turn heads these days but it's not a bad game. Blazing Lazers (AKA Gunhed) is outstanding however. Many players will no doubt overlook this in favour of Mario 2 which is a shame, buy both!

Here's the reviews:

Super Mario Bros 2 - NES - 500 Points
In this sequel to the best-selling video game of all time, take a unique journey to the dream world of Subcon to save its people from the foul frog tyrant, Wart.

Mach Rider - NES - 500 Points
It is the year 2112 and Earth has been taken over by evil forces. As a lone motorcycle warrior, you must battle the invaders while racing from sector to sector in search of survivors. You are Earth's last hope. You are Mach Rider!

Blazing Lazers - Turbografx-16 - 600 Points
Blazing Lazers is a vertical-scrolling shooter that was praised for surpassing the limitations of the hardware of its time. Players control the extraordinary firepower of their Gunhed Star Fighter to take on the Dark Squadron that has begun its invasion of Earth. Collect power-ups to increase your ship's battle strength to cut through enemies and defeat the bosses in all 9 areas.