Grab your copy in alittle over a month, for now here's a reminder of what its all about.

"After watching a TV show featuring the thieving master of disguise, Count Camoli, Wario has the idea of stealing treasure from TV shows- the perfect way to make his fortune! Players join him as he dives through the TV screen and steals Count Camoli’s quick-change wand, Goodstyle, thus becoming the new star of the show. Players must navigate Wario through ten exciting episodes, collecting treasure and searching for the ultimate prize: an ancient artifact that grants wishes!

Using his newly obtained magic wand, Wario must collect and switch between disguises - each with their own unique powers - to become the ultimate light-fingered fiend. Players start the game as Thief Wario, a powerful disguise that can tackle enemies, jump to great heights and move heavy objects. As they progress, additional outfits become available including Cosmic Wario, with his laser gun, Artist Wario, handy for creating blocks or doorways to escape through, and Captain Wario who can summon a boat to cross watery expanses. With seven different costumes to find, Wario will be kitted out for every situation!

To enable quick changes between disguises, Wario’s outfit can be switched by drawing simple symbols on the Nintendo DS touch screen. Utilising the touch screen not only allows the player to change disguises easily but also activates Wario’s unique power available at the time. For example, tapping the screen as Cosmic Wario will fire his laser at the location of the tap.

On Wario’s mission, players will travel through exotic environments including a luxury ocean liner, watery ruins and an Egyptian pyramid. Using their disguises players must tackle the obstacles and mini games they encounter as they search out treasure chests and avoid the pursuing Count Camoli!

However, the best treasure is kept locked away in chests and to unlock them players must complete the mini game inside. These get harder and faster as the player progresses through the episodes meaning that only the most skillful thief will succeed. Just remember, chests could contain anything from a piece of treasure to a new outfit so hunt high and low!

Becoming the ultimate thief isn’t a walk in the park as the deposed Count Camoli is out for revenge! At the end of each episode, Wario will have to battle the Count, making use of the numerous outfits he has gathered to defeat him and to progress through the game. Once an episode has been completed, players are able to revisit it at a later point and use new disguises. This allows them to explore areas they previously could not access, gathering even more hidden treasures."