Touch Me, I'm Dead have recently published a preview of "Touch The Dead", a DS arcade zombie shoot'em up, House of the Dead style. Whilst we've already heard of the game in Europe as "Dead N Furious" the game is set for a State side release later in the year.

"Touch the Dead automatically moves you through the corridors of the prison -- all you have to worry about are the seemingly endless number of zombies that are wandering your way to get their taste of fresh prisoner blood. A simple tap-tap-tap on the screen will fire your weapon to that specific location, and headshots seem to be the best way of taking out the undead. Unfortunately, while having a bottomless bag of bullets is certainly handy, you'll still have to reload after emptying your barrel. Dragging a new clip from one side of the screen to the other is a simple task, but it requires a quick swipe to do it, and that's precious time away from keeping the zombies back."

We actually just received our own copy of the game from the Spanish publisher Virgin PLAY, expect a full review in the next couple of days!