Excite Truck 2... NOT!

A number of online gaming sites were duped this week as a fake press release (complete with screenshots) emerged online telling gamers about the new features to expect from Excite Truck 2.

"The sequel to Nintendo's Wii launch game will include six-player online play with a "Mii display." Sadly, the game will use the dreaded Friend Code system for online matchmaking. Excite Truck 2 will also feature new tracks in eight environments including the Moon. The trick system will be beefed up as well with the addition of the "frontflip" and the "backflip."

Finally, according to Nintendo, the graphics will get an overhaul "with better visual effects and shadows. We even implemented several ambiances to every track, like dawn or sunset."

In the defence of the weblogs all over the world, this actually sounds quite believable, alas it has been confirmed as fake, to be honest the screenshots kind of gives it away. We're never safe!

[source gamingtarget.com]