Become a Space Cowboy

Just incase you didn't already know about the game, here's a reminder of the current factoid sheet:

"Space Station Tycoon utilizes the creative and unique functionality of the Wii by allowing gamers to emerge themselves in a type of tycoon gameplay never before experienced” Makoto Iwai, Executive Vice President and COO of NAMCO BANDAI Games, said. “Its fun loving characters and off-the-wall space station scenarios should have Wii owners scrambling to get their stations thriving.”

Space Station Tycoon follows the adventures of Shawn and his high-strung monkey sidekick Tam through pirate infested space, meteor fields, supernovas, and bizarre characters as they seek out fame and fortune. Expand your empire with an increasing number of stations and customize each one to attract business. Keep the customers happy and they will gladly spend their money. Throughout the game, players will encounter over 30 kooky characters; but watch out because unruly space pirates, starfish ninjas and mysterious voodoo-practicing chickens can disrupt your stations at anytime, bringing your tycoon empire to the ground.

Create gravity points with the Wii Remote and interact with objects in the environment. Catch asteroids to keep them from smashing your space station, bounce rowdy ships, retrieve tips from visitors and even lob cannonballs at those troublesome pirates that keep attacking. Available with multi-player party mode, co-op play, and more, Space Station Tycoon is a fast paced, tycoon simulation game complete with humor, light puzzle solving, and customization in a free form, non-linear world.

Manage stations all over the galaxy and take advantage of the flow of the economy to maximize your income. Missions include preventing meteorites from crashing into your space station, protecting your real estate from ruckus causing pirates, preventing ninja starfish from fighting with party pigs and blocking comets from colliding with your space ships. Meet the objectives of each level in order to continue and expand your empire to become the ultimate Space Station Tycoon!"

Blast off is set later this year.