Just when you thought you were safe, Nintendo have launched another Wario game exclusively for the DS. The new game uses both classic platform action and unique touch screen drawing elements.

"Having your identity stolen can be serious business - unless Nintendo's greedy guy Wario™ is involved. Through the years, Wario has often had his eyes on gold coins and jewels. In the new Wario™: Master of Disguise game for Nintendo DS, he steals the identity of a thief and becomes the man of a thousand faces (or at least eight).

Players navigate the exotic locations in Wario's first platform game using the Nintendo DS buttons, but they use the touch screen to draw symbols on Wario to help him transform into his different disguises. Want to change into the laser-shooting Cosmic Wario? Draw a bubble helmet on his head. To change into Dragon Wario, just draw a long tail on him. Each of Wario's eight different disguises has different abilities to help him fight enemies and get past obstacles.

Players must unlock treasure chests by completing minigames that increase in difficulty as the game progresses. And the game naturally showcases the same off-beat personality that has made Wario such a great character."

Go grab yourself a copy, play it then come back and tell us what you thought.

[source wario.nintendods.com]