An Apple a day..

It's been a soft rumour for quite a while now, ever since we saw the first pictures of the gleaming white Wii console, Nintendo merging with Apple, Apple buying Nintendo, Steve Jobs appearing on the Nintendo stage at E3... alas its all pure geek speculation. Aussie Nintendo have reported on an interview where Reggie was quizzed on the subject:

"We are often compared to Apple, and I certainly view that as complimentary," he said. "They are a very innovative company. They’re a company that has a similar mindset that technology is important, but it’s the use and application of the technology that is most important. Making content or — in their world, computer functionality easy and painless — certainly is something that is very much in our D.N.A. as well. But Apple, just like Nintendo, tends to be the type of company that likes to keep its own ecosystem by itself," and as such, he conceded, "That might make any type of partnership a bit more challenging."

I wouldn't read too much into that, Reggie can make anything work. Really. If you want to read more from the interview head on over to Aussie Nintendo.