Here's my wish list to kick things off:

NES - Punch-out!
The good news is this game will most likely come out early this year (although I am sure not the Mike Tyson version which I used to have!) Even by today's standards the gameplay works great. It gets quite tough later on so you'll need to get your timing just right and come up with some good tactics. Some of the boxers you have to fight are hilarious and very camp!

PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16 - Splatterhouse
There's countless great games to choose from for this system. Why did I end up wanting Namco's gory hack-em-up more than others? I don't know there is just something special about this game. It is flawed in many ways, the controls are sluggish and it doesn't always feel that fair. That aside the atmosphere is great and when you get a well timed pole swing against a sewer monster and watch him splat against the wall there is nothing like it!

Megadrive / Genesis - Thunderforce III
The Megadrive was not short of horizontal shoot-em-ups but for me this is the best one. It's stunning to look at even now, the lovely parallax scrolling on the ice world really shows off the Megadrive's capabilities. It's a real adrenaline pumping game with non-stop action and a cool techno soundtrack.

SNES - Super Mario Kart
No surprises here, this is probably the game 99% of readers will choose. It's just the game I had the most fun on in my SNES days. Everything about this game is genius, the tracks are so much fun to play. A lot tighter than Mario Kart 64. We can only hope Nintendo are holding this one back because they are planning to bolt some wifi connection features onto the original game. We live in hope!

N64 - Bakuretsu Muteki Bangioh
OK stay with me! This game never got a release outside Japan. (Although the Dreamcast got a port which was released outside Japan) The gameplay is basically a 2D shooter where you can move anywhere in the landscape and fire in any direction collecting fruit and taking on all manner of strange foes. It sounds dull on paper but the game itself is a really exhilarating experience. The secret to success is timing the special weapon at just the right time to cause a massive combo which results in the whole screen being filled with lines of light like fireworks. Think Geometry Wars on the x360 but better!

Now what are your choices?