The T-Protect

With the Wii Nintendo opened up gaming to a whole new audience and expanded the demographics of our beloved form of digital entertainment. As you might know, with new customers comes new expectations and new needs, and this is where third-party developers come in, not only when it comes to games, but also stuff like accessories. Hopefully companies like Thrustmaster will fulfill the new expectations Nintendo now are facing, by helping them out.

As of now we haven't seen any really spectacular inventions though, but some of the new products from Thursmaster looks cool.
The first one is the so called T-Protect NW, which is a slick silicone casing for your Wiimote and nunchuck. It will not only protect your controllers from those sweaty hands of yours, but also give you a better grip. Which of course is good news for those of you who've had problems with wiimotes slipping out of your hands and into the fireplace all the time.

The next item on the list is the T-Care NW, which is a stand for your Wiimote and Nunchuck. With it's elegant white design the stand will supposedly prevent you from losing your controllers.
The last and probably least accessory from Thrusmaster is a battery charger for the batteries in your wii-controllers, so you'll never again run short of batteries in the middle of the game.

The three items has not yet been released, but they should be hitting store shelves near you in a while, so keep your eyes open!