Wii Want The Controller Pak!

It seems that we have the first major Virtual Console issue on our hands, no N64 controller pak support. This problem facing Nintendo is quite a large one- they cannot seem to (or don't see the need to) get the N64 titles to recognize the Wii's system memory for controller pak saves.

For those who didn't know, the controller pak was a 256kb external memory device that plugged in to the bottom of N64 pads, allowing users to save game data.

This isn't the first N64 feature axed from the VC. It has already been confirmed that no rumble support will be present in N64 virtual console titles. Not a major gripe for those of us who use Wavebirds on our Wii's. But still, is it that complex to get rumble working on the VC games?

The problem presented here could easily cause difficulties for those titles that had strong dependencies on the controller pak's. Titles such as Mystical Ninja and Snowboard Kids (neither confirmed VC titles) spring straight to mind. I am sure there probably is a way to fix this problem, but wehter Nintendo are concerned enough to do so is the real issue. Currently the answer seems to be no.

Lets hope the future holds some changes...

[source joystiq.com]