I reckon chocolate yeah?

The channel which is available for free is likely to run as a customer feedback tool for Nintendo but if only all customer feedback forms were this fun then I'd fill them in more often.

The update will require you to run a system update on your Wii before you get it running. It's a little bit frustrating to get going but once you're up and about this channel is really quite fun.

Basically the concept is you get to vote in a series of polls that are to be updated daily - the results will then be displayed against the voting of other regions and other countries showing the difference in peoples perception on certain subjects from around the world. Not only that but you will get statistics sent to your Wii as and when they are calculated.

The official press release from Nintendo stated:

"The Everybody votes channel brings you regularly updated questions upon which you can vote, simply by choosing one of the two answers provided. You can then check the results and see how your opinion compares with others in your own country and abroad. You can also see how tuned in you are to public opinion by predicting which answers will get the most votes."

Register up to six Mii's and participate on various different polls. Current hot topics include:

  • 'How do you like your Egg : Boiled or Fried?'
  • 'What do you prefer : Eating or Sleeping?'
  • 'If you have free time do you : Go and party or stay in and relax?'

While we're sure future polls will include customer opinion related questions we can't help but find this channel really fun. Go and update your Wii now.