The Man Himself

You've probably already tried the Wiimote on your Mac, using DarwiinRemote, but haven't really found a use for it... until now. Look what we've come across recently, Wii DJing!

"Welcome to DJ Wiij. The first and original djing website dedicated to using Nintendo Wiimotes. As much of a gimmick this looks like, it really works like a charm. But dont take my word for it, find out yourself. Use one of the many tutorials and premade setups to get started. The great thing about Wiijing is that it is totally customizable, though I think you might find the premade setups have most of what you would need. Also if you yourself are interested in Wiijing, I am hoping to get a Wiij community started on this website shortly, so that Wiij's can post mixes, give tips, ask questions and network."

Head on over to and check out the videos.