Dance Baby Dance

Earlier today we showed you of a way of spinning tunes using your wiimote, but now we bring you news of how you can have a dance too. Konami are planning to release Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party on the Wii late this year.

The game will make use of the wiimote and nunchuk, but don't worry no strapping to your feet will be involved. Instead a dancemat will be included to jump around on; leaving your hands free to make coardboard box shapes with the controllers. The dancemat will plug in to one of the Gamecube ports so in theory you could have four mats, get a strobe light and a have a disco.
With all four limbs moving around in time to the music a much more realistic dancing experience is to be had, and also give you a bit of a workout.

The game is still in the ealy stages so not too much is known about how the game will be played or which songs will be included. We do know that popular tunes from the last four decade" will be on the soundtrack, so we can start the guessing game on that now: Suggestions below please.

The previous games from the franchise and are still selling extremely well and with the added arm moving feature of the Wii version that trend is very likely to increase immensely.