More Wii's Coming

With stocks being replenished the Japanese market has had fantastic sales over the past week with 280,000 units sold in the last 7 days in Japan alone.

"With the latest figures, Nintendo sits on the cusp of selling its millionth Wii console in Japan. To Dec. 24, a total of 824,311 units have been sold, putting the million mark well within reach during the last week of the year as long as the company can keep supplies flowing into shops. In contrast, total sales of the PlayStation 3, which has been on sale for 3 weeks longer than Wii, totalled 385,791 units due to lower supply."

Nintendo expected to ship around 4 million units by the end of 2006, whilst this target wasn't quite reached it was widely reported that the console had sold over 2.2 million units as Santa squeezed down your chimney. The Wii is in constant demand all around the world and will probably see strong sales for at least a few more months.

Industry analysts are both interested but sceptical of Wii's future, labelled as a "fad" and a "gimmick" its now up to Nintendo to bring a constant flow of industry acclaimed titles such as Wii Sports to the consumer to ensure Wii's fruitful life.