The Man Himself, Gabe Newell have reported on an interview between Game Informer and PC games legend Gabe Newell whom was willing to share his views on the current gen console market. For those unaware of who Gabe is, he's one of the main guys at Valve who was responsible for the Half-Life series.

"The PS3 is a total disaster on so many levels, I think It’s really clear that Sony lost track of what customers and what developers wanted. I’d say, even at this late date, they should just cancel it and do a ‘do over’. Just say, ‘This was a horrible disaster and we’re sorry and we’re going to stop selling this and stop trying to convince people to develop for it.’"

Although clearly unhappy with the PS3 development area, Half-Life 2: Orange is still scheduled for release on the console later this year. Gabe wasn't full of anger over the PS3, the big guy even took time to big up Nintendo.

"The happy story is the Wii. I’m betting that by Christmas of next year, the Wii has a larger installed base than the 360. Other people think I’m crazy. I really like everything that Nintendo is doing."

Support like this could go a long way for Nintendo, if they can attract the best developers they'll attract the mainstream gamers, its that simple.