For some unknown reason there are always games instore before the actual console due to launch, maybe its marketing, maybe there is no reason, either way, Atlus's Trauma Center: Second Opinion is now available in stores across America.

"This news may cause dizziness and weak knees for gamers of all ages! If the uncontrollable urge to scream aloud with joy comes upon you, please do so outdoors in order not to frighten any other members of your household or office. Since this is the best news you’ve heard in over a month, your body may go into instant shock; please be prepared appropriately and lie down. Avoid operating heavy machinery, big calculators, or home-made robots."

Err, yeah. Anyway, incase you didn't know, TCSO is a sequel to the popular DS game.

"Trauma Center: Second Opinion is the follow-up to the cult DS hit, Trauma Center: Under the Knife. Trauma Center: Second Opinion features all new surgical procedures, operating tools, difficulty levels, and a new playable doctor! Thanks to the innovative Wii controls, you can now select your instrument with one hand and operate with the other simultaneously! Trauma Center: Second Opinion is suggested to be taken daily and as frequently as possible!"

We'll hopefully be getting our copy soon, so hang tight for a review in the coming weeks, in the mean time why not checkout the official website.