These boxes have been posted on Flickr over the past few days, its always interesting to see different cover art in Japan. I'm not totally sure why the market would be so different over there... but anyway, some suitable differences, check them out.

The Zelda box is obviously quite different, they've still got the whole light/dark things going on, but just a big image of Link ontop rather than the Link/Wolf on the US/EU box.

The Rayman box art doesn't even feature Rayman, but still has some pretty cool rabbids running around.

Trauma Center uses similar character images, but the background is pretty different along with the Japanese logo.

Wario Ware box art is very similar to the US one, apart from the lack of bright pink... they've opted for yellow instead.

Finally the Wii Sports box has abit of a sharper design than its US/EU counterpart, I actually think this one looks nicer.