It was pretty much expected after the whole Xbox 360 thing that alot of PS3 and Wii consoles would appear on eBay, but exactly how many were there? It seems the auction site saw nearly 30,000 of each console over the launch period.

"From November 19 through November 24, 26,708 Wii consoles were moved through eBay by sellers for an average price of $412.53. Going back to October 19 and including all pre-sale activity, 29,451 Wiis were sold for an average price of $427.82."

PS3 was slightly down in numbers, but sold for alot more profit. It seems there were alot of Americans desperate to get their hands on the next-gen PlayStation.

"Looking at the PlayStation 3, eBay officials note that from November 17 through November 24, 14,675 consoles were sold for an average selling price of $1,186.39. In addition, when including those who sold their pre-sale tickets for the highly sought after console between October 17 and November 24, a full 28,233 sales were recorded by eBay."

Not bad, but is this really fair? Personally I'd never pay over the odds just to get a console on time, I hope the buyers and sellers are happy with themselves