For the growing number of Nintendoers that have HD Ready displays, we've been waiting for news on availability of component cables for Wii. These are the AV cables capable of delivering the superior "progressive scan" signal from the Wii.

"A spokesperson for the company told IGN Wii this morning that the Wii component cables would be available for purchase with the launch of the console in November. The cables will cost $29.99 and will only be available through online retail outlets, including Nintendo's store, Best Buy, Circuit City and EB Games."

So, in the US it seems that you won't be able to pick up a component cable straight from your local store, this is somewhat surprising as the US has a much higher adoption rate of the HDTV revolution. It's unclear if other smaller online retailers will also be able to stock these cables.

As for the UK; HD Ready screens are still on the brink of booming, so they'll probably be even harder to find over here.

Nintendo have also confirmed that your Gamecube component cable is not compatible with Wii, shame.