GoNintendo.com pointed us in the right direction of the latest Red Steel interview. This time it was FiringSquad.com putting the questions to the Ubisoft games producer, Marie-Sol Beaudry.

"The first contact between Ubisoft and Nintendo was at E3 2005. At that time Nintendo wanted a third party team to work on a first person view game for the Wii. We only got basic info about the concept of the pad, the capture device and the relative power of the console. No real technical data were supplied at that stage.

Then we spent about 2 to 3 months just to imagine how you can use and play with the controller & the buttons. We had no deadline, no pressure and no constraint, but to try and move with a remote control & see what they could do with it. We listed all the moves they liked and the first ruff ideas of gameplay linked to those moves. Two teams began to work on the project at first: the engineers & the designers. They worked as you can play ping pong - at first designers got ideas and in a second step, engineers tried to see if this was possible vs. the hardware.

The 'Squad continue to fire questions, now asking about the storyline we're to expect in the Wii shooter/slasher.

"The story of the game is about an American who, meeting his fiance's father for the first time, hardly discovers that the man is a great yakuza leader. This happens during an attack launched against his father in law in a LA restaurant. The hero is forced to intervene and save the father but his fiancee is kidnapped by reprisals.

Looking for her in LA, he will fail to prevent the kidnappers to bring her to Japan but discover what they want: The Katana-Giri, sword of her father and symbol of his power over his clan. About to die from his wounds, the father won't have any other choice that put the hero in charge of the katana, with the promises to rescue his daughter. Thus with this prestigious but dangerous inheritance he will have no other way than going to Japan trying to save her"

Beaudry explains quite alot more about the games development and story, you can read the entire interview over at FiringSquad.com.

[source firingsquad.com]