Nintendo hype up the revamped "Tetris DS" with a press release, the game is set to feature 6 themed gaming modes and of course, online multiplayer action.

Launching across Europe on 21st April, Tetris is ready to re-capture the hearts of millions once again. Combining the world famous falling block puzzle with new and exciting modes, Tetris now includes the ability to play anyone around the world via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service.

Back in 1989 the world became obsessed with Tetris when it took the Game Boy by storm. Adored by all, young or old, players were hooked as soon as they picked it up. Now it’s time for a whole new generation to experience the craze that introduced puzzle games to the mainstream. Tetris DS combines the much loved original game with all new modes of game play, including the Touch Mode, which takes Tetris to a completely new level of gaming allowing for the first time ever to move blocks around the screen using the Nintendo DS stylus and touch screen.

Via the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection service, you can really take on the rest of the world! Players can connect with up to three players from around the world and battle it out to be the ultimate Tetris champion. What’s more, up to ten Nintendo DS owners can battle it out together, even if only one player has a game card! An innovative point-based rating system based on players’ battle results, also lets users check the skill of their opponents before taking them on! Players can select to take on all challengers in intense two or four player versions of the Standard Mode, as well as playing the unique two player versus mode provided by Push Mode.

Players can hone their construction skills through any one of six different modes contained in Tetris DS, each featuring a theme based on classic Nintendo games such as Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda and Metroid. As well as Nintendo theme based modes, the modes also contain remixed classic Nintendo music, guaranteed to bring sweet music to any player’s ears. Traditional falling blocks and line clearing strategy remain essential, however the Nintendo DS’s touch screen opens up a whole new level of interactivity for the player as the screen is used to twist and turn the blocks.

The game’s Standard Mode is a faithful recreation of the much-loved Tetris. However, as the player completes lines, the computer plays through the original Super Mario Bros on the top screen. Push Mode adds a Donkey Kong themed tug-of war spin to Tetris, where players race to ‘push’ their opponents off the screen by completing lines. Touch Mode makes use of the Nintendo DS touch-screen, with a distinct Balloon Trip feel as players drag towers of blocks around to make lines. Yoshi themed Puzzle Mode challenges players to clear 200 pre-programmed puzzles with a selection of blocks. There is only one correct combination so the challenge is definitely a head-scratcher! Mission Mode gives players a series of Zelda themed tasks to complete and Catch Mode is a wacky space based game with a Metroid theme. Players must control a flying block and catch other blocks to make 4x4 grids.

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Tetris DS is unleashed across Europe on the Nintendo DS from 21st April 2006.