Today, Ubisoft have published a fact sheet overview of its upcoming "Lost Magic" game for Nintendo DS set to release on April 28th.

In a world after the "Creator" has passed away…

He left humans 6 types of magic (earth, water, fire, wind, darkness and light) and 7 wands.

The Sages given the 7 wands were called "Guardians of the World", and they carried on the task of protecting order in the world.

Thousands of years have elapsed since The Creator passed away.

The task entrusted to the "Guardians of the World" continued to be passed on from teachers to students, along with the Magical Wands. People knew nothing except Peace.

However, the world was changed by one thing. People, who forgot how to revolt against their destiny, lost all their hopes…and became trapped inside deep despair.

Amidst the chaos in the world, only one small light of hope remained.
The boy with the "Wand"… His journey begins now.

Key Features:
One of the very first RTS/RPG games on the DS designed by a japanimation artist (Yoshiharu SATO, from Ghibli Studio).

A unique game play: use you stylus to write the spell and try any combination you want to cast the strongest spell.

A Wi Fi mode that allows you to play against any persons all over the world.

Long life expectancy : 250 quests on roughly 60 different stages.

In Japan, NINTENDO has asked the distribution of the game!

We'll hopefully get someone to review Lost Magic when its released later this month.