Barely 4 months old and Nintendo's online gaming service "Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection" has clocked an impressive 27,000,000 connections with over 1,000,000 unique players. Quite an achievement for such a young service.

In previously years Nintendo were reluctant to move into the Online Gaming market, finally doing so in late 2005 with the Nintendo DS title, Mario Kart DS. This new iteration of a popular franchise was an instant hit, I for one buying on release. Nintendo seem to be taking a very steady and precise approach to online games, rather than rushing into it and enabling the feature across the board.

Two more Wi-Fi enabled titles are set to release in the US on March 20th, the vastly updated Teris DS and the eagerly awaited Metroid Prime Hunters. Both titles include an array of multiplayer online features and options. They are sure to serge Nintendo Wi-Fi connection quickly to its 2,000,000th player and beyond.