Our friends over at Cubed3 have had a chance to quiz Berit Hanson, the Opera PR Manager for devices about the upcoming Opera web browser for Nintendo DS.

The interview, posted today, covers a bunch of questions you might have about the software such as standards and plugin support. Answers were pleasing, but alittle short on hard facts about which it will support. However, with the desktop product as an indication, we really have nothing to worry about.

When asked about the user interface, Berit did explain how we'd actually be navigating the page on the relatively small DS screen.

"The two screens allow for two different modes of browsing: fit-to-width and DS mode. In fit-to-width mode, Opera uses both screens for scrolling up or down a page with both screens completing the view. In DS mode, an overview of the Web page is displayed on the lower screen and a pink square can be moved around an area of the page. The area you have selected is shown on the upper screen. This is a unique way to deliver the Web to take advantage of the DS hardware configuration and Opera has worked closely with Nintendo to optimize this experience."

Head over to Cubed3 for the rest of the interview.

[source cubed3.com]