Cult hero Uwe Boll makes movies, bad movies, of games. Usually this kinda of thing comes down to personal taste or style, however in Uwe's case, its fact.

The legendary director has been nominated for Worst Director at the 2006 Razzies, the awards that is the polar opposite of the oscars. The movie? Alone In The Dark. In fact, Boll isn't "alone" as "actress" Tara Reid has also been nominated as Worst Actress for her role in this train wreak.

EuroGamer decided to see how Mr. Boll felt about all this, it seemed he wasn't on the set of another soon-to-be awful movie -- he replied!

"After all, the Razzies are designed to celebrate the worst achievements in film rather than recognise greatness. But Boll doesn't see it like that, exactly. "It is a great honour," he told us, adding: "I take every prize I get."

Very few celebs actually turn up to the award show, Halle Berry famously turned up last year after her role in Catwoman. Showgirls director Paul Verhoeven also famously collected his award in person.