Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: Tenmaten Shrine
Image: Nintendo Life

Explore Hyrule Field — specifically the area around Great Hyrule Forest — in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and you'll come across the Tenmaten Shrine.

Of all the Shrines in the game, Tenmaten Shrine is one of the very easiest — it's one of the Rauru's Blessing Shrines where you walk in, open a treasure chest, and then collect your blessing. The challenge lies exclusively in finding this one.

Here's how to find Tenmaten Shrine, then.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: Tenmaten Shrine Solution

Where to find Tenmaten Shrine

Tenmaten Shrine is found in a cave system just north of Hyrule Castle to the southwest of Great Hyrule Forest in Hyrule Field (coordinates -0593, 1551, -0014).

However, to access the network of caverns, you'll have to go down Elma Knolls Well (coordinates -0672, 1355, 0088).

Head to the well and jump down. Jump into the second hole and you'll land in water. Fuse Brightbloom Seeds to arrows to illuminate the cavern (or eat a Bright Fish Skewer to make Link himself glow).

A pair of Horriblins are waiting on the ceiling, so shoot them down and get rid of them. You'll find a treasure chest with a Sapphire on the left fork that leads to the underground lake.

The easiest way to get across the lake is to bring a Zonai Fan and attach it to the wooden boards lying at the water's edge. Jump on your makeshift boat and you'll be on the other side in no time. Alternatively, if you've collected enough blessings to upgrade your stamina, you may be able to swim it. The Shrine is just behind the rock on the other side.

Glowing Cave Fish are useful, so grab some of those while you're here. You'll also find some Luminous Stones to crack at the back of the cave.

To exit the cave, find a spot in the ceiling to Ascend through, or use the Purah Pad to warp away.

How to solve Tenmaten Shrine

Easy one, this. Run forward to open a Treasure Chest and get a Large Zonai Charge. Then run around the back to collect the Blessing.

Job done. We said it was easy.

Well, that was simple, wasn't it? We've got a location guide and map for all Shrines, which you should check out if you're trying to find all of them in TOTK. For other adventuring needs, check out our full Tears of the Kingdom walkthrough for more hints and tips.