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Tarrey Town is one of the many returning locations in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. This place was a fan-favourite in Breath of the Wild, as it allowed you to build up an entire town from absolutely nothing to a thriving hub.

In Tears of the Kingdom, Tarrey Town remains fully built, but it's home to one of the game's most heartwarming Side Adventures. Not only that, but once you've completed this quest, you'll have the opportunity to build your very own house where you can store weapons, items, and the like.

Here's how to get to Tarrey Town, complete the Side Adventure there, and build your own house.

Where to find Tarrey Town

Tarrey Town is located in the Akkala region, which is the northeast region of Hyrule. The town is southwest of the Rist Peninsula and southeast of Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower.

The town is still on an island in the centre of Lake Akkala, and the closest shrine to it is Rasitakiwak Shrine to the southeast. You can glide right on in from the Shrine. Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower is to the northwest of the town.

This is also where the Hudson Construction Company is based. The head office is on the left side of town --- it's hard to miss because there are cardboard cut-outs of Hudson outside of it. This is where you want to go to pick up a Side Adventure — Mattison's Independence.

How to complete Mattison's Independence

Speak to Hudson and Rhondson and you'll overhear a conversation between the two about their daughter, Mattison. After they're done, speak to Hudson, who laments that he doesn't get time to spend with his daughter, and he's particularly worried because she's about to leave home for Gerudo Town and embark on a traditional pilgrimage like all Gerudo vai must go on. This is where you come in.

Go upstairs and speak to Mattison and you'll find her preparing for her move to Gerudo Town. Right now she's learning to speak Gerudo and wants to teach her grandma some words. Accompany her to the centre of Tarrey Town and speak to Monari and Mogs, who stand under the shelter by the bell.

You'll then have to answer a question to progress. Select Vaba! when prompted. Next, Mattison decides that she's going to help her dad out, so she heads over to the railcar. Follow her

Block the rail guard's view

Mattison wants to head over to the Hudson Construction Site, but she can't afford to get on the railcar, so you need to help her. And not by paying your way through.

Instead, you'll see a plank of wood to the right of Mattison and Link. Grab it with Ultrahand, and put the plank in front of the railcar attendant Hagie. Make sure you don't stand close to him while you do this because you'll have to start again. You should be able to pin the wood between the floor and the shelter. Once you're done, Mattison should be able to run over to the cart.

Follow her either by paying for your own ride or by gliding down. Then walk over to Hudson and Mattison trying to fix up a hot air balloon. Talk to them and find out that Hudson wants to make the balloon special for Mattison.

Collect Sundelions

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With the balloon, the pair decide that Mattison's balloon should be yellow in colour. To dye it, Hudson needs ten Sundelions.

Sundelions only grow in particular places in Hyrule, and if you've been collecting them, you've likely been using them for gloom-healing food. You can find Sundelions in the sky islands, near Zonai ruins, or can be dropped by Yiga Clan members.

When you have ten, hand them over and Hudson will work on that dye. Then you'll get to ride the hot air balloon with the father and daughter. Watch some heart-warming cutscenes and you'll be rewarded with two Silver Rupees.

After this, speak to Rhondson for another quest — a Side Quest, Home on Arrange.

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How to complete Home on Arrange

After completing Mattison's Independence, when you speak to Rhondson, she'll advertise a brand new service that Hudson Construction now offers — the ability to build your own home. For a discounted price of 1,500 Rupees, you can buy a patch of land close to Tarrey Town.

Do this and you'll be able to build a house on that patch of land. The land is right by Rasitakiwak Shrine, so warp to that (if you've activated it) and head down to the very flat patch of grass just below it. Speak to the person at the desk and they'll explain that you can build your own house.

You'll be given two basic rooms straight off the bat. You can buy more if you wish, but all you need to do is stick the two rooms together and place them in the roped-off area.

Once you've built your house, Rhondson will come over and give you the Hudson Construction Fabric for your paraglider. You can find out how to change your paraglider in our guide on paraglider fabric.

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How to build a house

You can change up your house and add and remove rooms whenever you want by speaking to the attendant right by your plot of land. Speak to him to buy rooms, or to move your rooms around. Buying rooms and features can get costly and we have a list of prices and items below.

You'll be able to move your rooms around with Ultrahand and stick them together too. The only real requirement is that the rooms need to "fit together", and not block off access. When you're happy with your house, speak to the attendant and he'll inspect your work. If there's something wrong with the house, he'll tell you and you'll have to make amendments.

If you don't want to use a room, you can store it away or sell it back. You can use up to 15 units to build your dream home.

All house parts/units

Here's a list of all of the units and housing items and how much they cost.

Room / Unit Price (Rupees)
Angled Room 300
Furnished Angled Room 400
Square Room 350
Furnished Square Room 450
Weapon Stand Room 600
Bow Stand Room 600
Shield Stand Room 600
Gallery 400
Bedroom 400
Kitchen 400
Blessing Room 400
Paddock 400
Foyer 300
Study 250
Indoor Stairs 350
Outdoor Stairs 300
Garden Pond 300
Flower Bed 250

They say home is where the heart is, but in Tears of the Kingdom, it's where you're lovely little cubic house stands. If you're looking for more Side Adventures, check out our list of all available Side Adventures. For other tips and hints, head on over to our Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom walkthrough.