Makasura Shrine Solution
Image: Nintendo Life

Makasura Shrine gets you busy engaging with a piece of Zonai tech you may not have encountered until this point in your Tears of the Kingdom adventure: the little standy-uppy flippy thing, or Stabilizer as it's officially known.

Let's take a look at how to solve this one, as well as where to find it.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: Makasura Shrine Solution

Where To Find Makasura Shrine

Makasura Shrine Solution
Image: Nintendo Life

You'll find Makasura Shrine on the western outskirts of Kakariko Village, as shown below, at coordinates 1770, -1050, 0166. Jump in the Sahasra Skyview Tower and head east for a short trip if you've yet to unlock any closer fast travel spots.

How To Solve Makasura Shrine

In order to solve this one you'll need to make use of Ascend, Ultrahand and precisely one arrow.

Makasura Shrine - An Upright Device solution

Enter the shrine and head straight forward to use Ascend to shoot up to the ledge and scale the wall.

Now you'll find a Stabilizer alongside an L-shaped metal grid that's already got another stabilizer attached to it. Position the metal the edge of the platform and smack the attached stabilizer to have it shoot up and stand on end. Now ascend to the ledge and then glide over the gap. Simple!

Our next position is the main meat of this puzzle. You've got a caged area on either side of you here, one with a space to clear its bars and the other sealed. You've also got another metal grid with a stabilizer attached. Use the stabilizer as before, this time to pass over the top of the barrier to the area with the glowing ball and metal grid.

Attach the ball to the cup on the grid, get it close to the barrier and smack the stabilizer to have it stand up. Now ascend up to the top of the barrier using the jutting-out bit at the top. Once up here grab the entire metal grate, ball and all and lift it out to the main platform area.

Now put the ball into the switch slot and open the barrier on the other side to retrieve another piece of metal grid with a cup on it. All that's left to do now is build yourself a Link catapult by fixing all three available grids together to make a long grid with a single stabilizer at the bottom. Make sure to remove all other stabilizers except the bottom one or things will go badly wrong.

Once you've built a long platform - as you can see by ours it doesn't need to be tidy - clamber into the cup on one end and use an arrow (or throw a weapon if you're out) to hit the stabilizer and send yourself flying to the finish line.

Congratulations, you've just survived a very dangerous stunt and you get a nice shiny reward to boot!

Nice way to spend an afternoon, catapulting yourself across chasms. If you're trying to seek out a particular shrine, check out our Shrine Locations guide. And for all the other resources you need in Hyrule, head on over to our Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom walkthrough.