dark tunic
Image: Nintendo Life

If you fancy donning a black version of Link's customary green tunic in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you can do so by following the path we've set out below.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: How To Get The Dark Tunic

In order to nab the Dark Tunic, you'll need to first make your way to the Depths, something you can do early in the game if you choose to follow the Camera Work in the Depths side mission which you can pick up almost as soon as you arrive in Lookout Landing.

Once you've arrived in the murky underneath of Hyrule, get to activating a Lightroot in order to spread some light and make navigating the area a little easier, then set out to find the glowing blue Poes that litter the environment.

dark tunic
Image: Nintendo Life

Now that you've got some Poes in your possession, you can fast travel back to Lookout Landing to the central tent where you'll find the game's first Bargainer Statue. Approach the statue and it'll explain the ins and outs of trading Poes then present you with a menu of its wares. Take a look down the bottom here and you'll see the Dark Tunic available for 150 Poes.

If you don't have enough, simply warp back down to the Depths and get busy collecting. Remember too that climbing up to high points in this area can net you larger Poes that add up quicker. You should have enough to grab that fancy new tunic in no time!

Nice! And what does the Dark Tunic do?

It looks cool, that's what!

It's also part of a Dark set. We've got the Dark Trousers, but not the Dark Cap yet. We'll update this guide when we've got the lot — wearing the complete set might bestow a stats boost that goes beyond jusy looking badass. Watch this cool-lookin' space.

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