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Money. It ruins everything, but we need it to buy stuff, unfortunately, and in the magical world of Hyrule in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom this very same rule applies.

Whether it's to purchase new armour, snap up some ingredients, or stock up on arrows, you're going to want to get au fait with the best ways to rake in those sweet shiny Rupees in order to fatten Link's wallet.

Here's how to make money and get Rupees fast in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: How To Get Rupees

Cook & Sell Delicious Meals

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The number one way to make yourself some Rupees in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is to get busy at a cooking pot. Yes, cooked meals can be sold at stores and merchants in exchange for cold hard cash and the nicer the meals are, the more profit they'll net you.

With this in mind, you'll want to consider the ingredients you're using, with nice cuts of meat such as bird thighs, prime meat, and even gourmet meat proving to be the most valuable we know of. Get those big hot meaty dishes on the go and sell them. Don't forget to check out our Best Recipes - Full Recipe List to ensure your food is Michelin quality.

Build A Fast Mode of Transport To Farm Materials & Hunt Down Animals

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Hunting down animals feeds (pun absolutely intended) into the cooking of meals as it involves providing yourself with a fast means of wheeling around the open plains of Hyrule to collect things. We mentioned meat earlier and, if you cobble together a car using a few wheels, a steering stick and some wood, you've got yourself a method to move quickly that's capable of taking out animals quickly so you can gather the succulent meat left over. No...listen...no, we're not monsters, it's just a video game.

There are big pointy metal barriers you can add to your vehicle, flame-belching Zonai devices and lasers, and belting around Hyrule in a vehicle of this sort not only lets everyone and their pet Korok know who's boss, it means you can gather up meat, mushrooms, fruit, monster parts, precious stones and anything else you may want to sell more quickly. It's time to get a little Mad Max up in here.

Sell Elixirs

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Same deal as with cooked food dishes. This time it's with them fancy liquids that you drink to get buff and heal up innit. Better elixirs make you more money, so make sure you're up to date with the very best potions via our trusty Best Recipes guide.

As you'll already know, the more ingredients and monster parts you lump into the pot, the higher the value of the elixir you're likely to create in return, so get out there and gather the very best ingredients.

Farm Precious Stones

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We mentioned precious stones in our Beginner's Tips guide, but it's worth reiterating this one. Caves are full of mineral veins in Hyrule and these veins respawn after a few hours so it's a good idea to get spelunking at every opportunity, crack open the deposits and collect the precious stones and other materials that drop as you'll make mega bucks for a bunch of nice rubies, sapphire, diamonds, topaz and so on. Mark the easiest, most-lucrative caves on your map so you can return to them regularly to stock up on these goodies.

Remember that, as with anything you're selling, different merchants and stores may give you better or worse prices for stuff. Goron City is the best spot to offload gems as they fetch a slightly higher price here. So get out there and explore and see who gives a good deal and on what.

If you're looking for diamonds specifically, check out our guide on How To Get Diamonds.

Shoot The Blupees

Again we're not monsters, we promise, but shooting these cute little glowing creatures, which stand outside of caves, nets you Rupees so...yeah...hit 'em all as far as we're concerned. It seems the more damage you do, the more rupees they drop too, so make sure to bomb them into the floor or something similarly spectacular for best results. Your simple arrows just won't do here if you're looking for money.

Blupees also help you find caves, doubling up as a nice little indicator for precious stone farming. They also stand outside of caves that have a Bubbulfrog inside them, so make sure you check out our Bubbul Gem guide for more details on that.

Fight Yiga Clan Members

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You won't make a whole lot of money here, but smashing Yiga Clan members will earn you some Rupees, and it's fun, so there's nothing to lose really. Find a nice big Yiga Clan base in the Depths and you'll have a whole camp full of these morons to batter and take coin from too.

Take On Side Quests & Adventures

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Not all Side Quests and Side Adventures pay Rupees but the like of Potential Princess Sightings is an early game example of one that does. Make sure to take on every quest and adventure you happen upon in the game to maximise your chances of being rewarded with some shiny stones.

One of the most lucrative ones is the Messages from an Ancient Era quest. For every single tablet you take a photo of, you'll be rewarded with 100 Rupees, meaning this is an easy way to stuff your pockets. We have a guide on the Messages from an Ancient Era quest to help you make that money fast.

Explore the Depths

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Once you're brave enough, you can get diving down into the Depths, where you'll find lots of mineral deposits, Yiga Clan members, and enemies that drop expensive items.

Bring the right healing tools with you and some strong weapons and you'll be rolling in items to sell at the store.

Help Addison With His President Hudson Signs

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We love Addison. In fact, we'd quite happily die him, which won't be necessary here as all you need to do to bank a few Rupees from the lad is solve his sign-based puzzles.

Prop up his President Hudson hoardings so he can make a base for them and you'll be rewarded with money and some other nice bits and pieces! Helping the innocent and making money at the same time. If you're struggling to find him, check out our Hudson Construction Sign Locations guide.

Defeat Stone Talus' and Battle Talus'

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Stone Talus' and the new Battle Talus' have one glaring weak point which makes them a bounty for making money — an ore deposit.

As you hack away at the mineral spike on their back, precious stones will fall out of them. And when you defeat them, they also drop a ton of precious stones. Hammer-type weapons make these rocky foes crumble, so bring some of those, along with some bombs, for a deposit of jewels and Rupees. If you need help defeating the new variant of these, check out our guide on how to beat a Battle Talus.

You'll be rolling in riches with this walkthrough. Of course, as you naturally explore the world, you'll come across Shrines and treasure chests which sometimes reward you with things that are well worth selling. If you're looking for cash and shrines, we recommend our Shrine location guide which has maps for all of the Shrines in-game. For other hints and tips, head over to our full Tears of the Kingdom walkthrough.