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Link can tame six unique noble steeds in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, one of them being a rather large charcoal-coloured horse with a flaming orange mane

This is Ganon's steed — returning from Breath of the Wild — and you can catch it, tame it, and add it to your stable full of horses. If you want to know more about horses, have a look at our Best Horses guide and our guide on Pony Points.

Here's where to find and how to tame Ganon's horse in Tears of the Kingdom.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: How To Get Ganon's Horse

Where to find Ganon's horse

Ganon's horse can only be found in one spot in Tears of the Kingdom — near Hateno Bay, just southeast of Hateno Village.

It's a pretty easy section of the map to spot, as it looks like a crab's claw. There are two bits of land just south/southeast of the Village, and the horse can be found on the eastern one.

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All you need to do is warp to Hateno Village, either to the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab (if you've spoken to Robbie and completed the Hateno Village Research Lab Side Adventure) or Zanmik Shrine. Then simply glide to the southeast towards the bay area, down the bottom of the hillside.

Ganon's horse is very easy to spot because it's absolutely massive — twice the size of any of the other horses around it. If you're gliding from Hateno, you'll see it from miles away.

How to tame Ganon's horse

Like with other horses, Link needs to sneak up on Ganon's gigantic horse and soothe it until it's calmed down. But because of how big it is, you need at least two wheels of stamina to tame this horse. or some stamina-boosting food.

The horse can be annoying to sneak up on due to the smaller horses in the area, which are much more skittish. Crouch down and approach it slowly from behind, then when you're prompted, press A and get on. Keep pressing L until the horse has calmed down, and eventually, it will be happy for Link to ride it.

Now you just need to get it back to a stable. The closest is Dueling Peaks Stable to the west, but it's a bit of a ride away. And with a rather restless horse, it might take a while.

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Luckily, there's a path to follow, and it'll take you through Hateno Village and towards Hateno Fort. Put a pin in the map neat Dueling Peaks so you don't lose track of where you're going, and just keep heading that way. When you pass through Hateno Fort, you're almost at the stable.

When you get there, pull up and talk to the stable owner to register your horse and get your Pony Point.

Ganon's horse stats

Ganon's horse is pretty useful — most notably, it has the maximum strength stat, meaning it can batter down enemies simply by riding into them.

Being a unique horse, there are two things you may have noticed while riding it, though — it has no stamina stat, meaning you can't speed up while riding it. Also, it has a 'Wild' temperament, making it hard to control while riding, and it also sometimes doesn't want to listen to you. You also can't attach the Towing Harness to it or change its mane.

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If you want to impress your friends and scare your foes, then this huge horse is the steed for you. If you're looking for other ways to get around Hyrule, check out our full Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom walkthrough.