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Making money can sometimes feel a little tough in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. But, if you've managed to come across a diamond, you'll know these beautiful stones are a quick way to make some Rupees.

However, there's a reason they sell for a lot — they're pretty uncommon. So if you've been using our how to get Rupees guide and are still struggling to build up the bucks, we're here to help you specifically seek out those rare precious stones.

Here's how to get diamonds, where to sell them to make the most money, and what else you can do with them.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: How To Get Diamonds

Where to find diamonds

Diamonds are the rarest of the precious stones in TOTK, and it might take a while to accumulate a pile of them, but here are a handful of ways you can collect some gems.

Break ore deposits

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The most consistent way to get precious gems is to break the ore deposits inside caves and down in the Depths. All ore deposits drop precious stones, however, diamonds can only be found in deposits that have a yellow/white sparkle to them. These are different to the standard blue ones as they have a higher chance to drop more valuable stones.

Eldin and Death Mountain are home to lots of ore deposits, and you can come back with a real haul from there — both inside the mountain and outside. Ore deposits will randomly respawn after a certain amount of time has passed, so get spelunking.

Fighting Strong Talus

Talus drop plenty of precious stones and minerals, and the stronger they are, the more likely they are to drop the rarest of them all — diamonds.

You can find some strong Talus down in the depths but the elemental variants such as the Ignus Talus in Eldin Canyon are also great to fight against. Not only can they drop diamonds while you're fighting them, but they also drop a stash of gems once you've taken them down. Find out how to take down the Talus in our Boss miniguide or for more hints on the new variant, we've got a few tips on how to tackle a Battle Talus.

Feed the Dondons

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Dondons are an extremely rare creature in Hyrule — we think they're pretty cute, too. But importantly, Dondons can poop out precious stones if you feed them Luminous Stones.

You'll find the only group of Dondons in Hyrule north of Lakeside Stable. Glide into Bronas Forest across the river and head towards an undercover kitchen where a young woman, Cima, stands — this spot is roughly at coordinates 1539, -3352, 0058. Cima is taking care of the Dondons and she'll tell you that one time she fed them Luminous Stones, and in return, she got many precious gems.

Do as she says and see for yourself. Just drop a Luminous Stone in front of all five of the Dondons, watch them eat them, and then leave the area for around 10-15 minutes. You can't just stay at the cooking pot or wait by the river — you need to head to a different location — we usually just warp back to the nearby stable. When you return, you'll find precious stones lying around. You can't guarantee diamonds, but hey, all precious gems are worth something in this game.

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Complete the Shrines

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There are actually a few shrines where a diamond is either a guaranteed reward or tucked away in an optional treasure chest. This means that even if you don't go spelunking, you're guaranteed to get a handful of diamonds if you visit all of the shrines.

These are all of the shrines that give you diamonds as a reward:

If you're hunting down any of these Shrines, check out our All Shrine Locations and Maps guide.

Inside treasure chests

This one might seem obvious, but it's also true. You'll occasionally find a diamond inside a treasure chest in Tears of the Kingdom, which is a nice surprise. Usually, these are in late-game areas, but there's one you can get early in Hyrule Castle's Observation Room if you're brave enough.

Where to sell diamonds for the most profit

While you get a cool 500 Rupees for selling a single diamond to any store in Hyrule, there's a gem trader who will give you a few extra dimes for your diamonds.

Ramella is a Gerudo located in Goron City. If you've done the Amber Dealer Side Quest, which you should find on your way to Goron City then you'll have met her. After this quest, you'll be able to trade her gems for rupees — at a higher price than you'd get from other shops.

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Ramella will ask for random gems on different days/times, so you can't guarantee she will buy diamonds from you when you see her. However, if she does ask for diamonds and you have 10 of them, she'll pay 5,500 Rupees, which is 500 Rupees more than the normal price.

What else can you use diamonds for?

You can use diamonds to create powerful weapons and upgrade your armour sets. Additionally, they can be used for the 'Glory of the Zora' side quest.

Create powerful weapons

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Other than making money from them, diamonds are actually a pretty brilliant Fuse material. A diamond will increase the attack of the weapon you're using by 25 points, so if you want to, Fuse it to a spear or sword for a fancy-looking weapon.

Upgrade your armour sets

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You can upgrade your armour at the Great Fairy Fountains across Hyrule, and certain sets of armour need a lot of diamonds to fully upgrade. Namely, the alternative Zelda series outfits are the ones that use precious stones. So these farming methods are for more than just making money. If you're not sure how to upgrade armour, check out our How To Upgrade Armour guide.

The 'Glory of the Zora' Side Quest

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You can pick up the Glory of the Zora Side Quest from Dento, the aged Zora who is in the room behind the item shop at Zora's Domain. He needs you to bring him a Zora Spear, three diamonds, and five pieces of flint.

Once you bring the materials to him, he will make you a Lightscale Trident, which is a replica of the Zora Champion Mipha's own weapon.

These sparkly stones are for more than just money, so it's worth stocking up. For more hints and tips, check out our full Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom walkthrough.