Link Tears of the Kingdom
Image: Nintendo Life

So, if Breath of the Wild is anything to go by, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom looks to be another gargantuan adventure for Link.

While we're returning to Hyrule, there are brand new places to explore and entire new structures to investigate, so there's plenty of new stuff to get stuck into, as well as many opportunities to procrastinate.

Whether you're just in it for the story, or you want to do absolutely everything, here's how long the main story will take you in the newest Legend of Zelda game:

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom - How long is the main story?

During our playthrough of Tears of the Kingdom, we rolled credits on the game at around the 80-hour mark. However, at this point, we had 40% completion, and we had completed a number of Side Adventures, Side Quests, Shrines, and found many a Korok Seed.

If you remove all of that from the equation, we still think you've got a pretty meaty main campaign ahead of you. Taking things at a regular pace, we think you can roll credits on the story at around 50-60 hours, meaning it's a little bit longer than Breath of the Wild. Remember, that's just rolling the credits after beating all of the Main Story objectives.

When do the four main story paths unlock?

The tutorial area on the Great Sky Island can take a bit of time as you work your head around your newfound abilities.

From the beginning of the game to unlocking the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower, it takes roughly between 2-3 hours before you're given your big objective.

How long will it take to 100%?

How long is a piece of string, really? It's up to you what you deem to be 100%, but the Purah Pad shows you a little percentage marker in the bottom left of the map, which is your completion rating.

Now, it took us 80 hours to get to 40%, but that was as a result of us being meticulous and taking many photos along the way. Given that many have spent hundreds of hours in Breath of the Wild and still not hit that 100% mark, it's safe to say this is one for the long haul, and you can expect to be here for many hundreds more.

There's a long road ahead of you in Tears of the Kingdom with many enticing quests just waiting to be devoured and entire new maps waiting to be uncovered. If you want more specifics on where to go next in Tears of the Kingdom, or just need a helping (ultra)hand, check out our full Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom walkthrough.