Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: Guidance From Ages Past Quest - Construct Factory, Spirit Temple 1
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We're building a robot, folks. If you've made it this far in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, then you're at the beginning of the end. You've been to Hyrule Castle, and you've completed the Secret of the Ring Ruins Main Quest. Now it's time to create your very own mech — sort of.

It should go without saying that as this is close to the end of the game, spoilers will be unavoidable. Therefore, if you haven't finished the Regional Phenomena quest or been to Hyrule Castle and the Thunderhead Isles, turn back now.

Here's how to build the Construct and how to complete the Guidance from Ages Past quest.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: Guidance From Ages Past Main Quest

Building the construct

After speaking to Mineru, the Sage of Time, you need to build a body for her to inhabit. There are four different rooms — 'depots' — close to the Construct Factory, and each one houses a different part of the Construct — the Right Leg, Right Arm, Left Leg, and Left Arm.

You need to visit each of the depots, retrieve the piece of the Construct part, and then take it back to the Construct Factory.

First thing first, run back to the elevator you came on and activate Muokuij Lightroot to light up the entire area, making your Construct building job a bit easier.

Right-Leg Depot

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: Guidance From Ages Past Quest - Construct Factory, Spirit Temple 2
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Situated northeast of the Construct Factory, Ascend to the roof and glide north and head towards Uisihcoj Lightroot. From the Lightroot, follow the path to some broken ruins and glide across to the glowing door to reach the Right-Leg Depot.

Interact with the Zonai terminal and a box containing the Right Leg will drop down. The doors behind you will lock. Carry the box with Ultrahand over to the lifts on the left and ride it up.

In the next room, you'll see some rails and a "hook". Attach the box with Ultrahand to the hook and stick a Fan to it. Stick the box to the long side to allow the hook to travel along the rail itself. Any other way and you'll have to thread the box through yourself. We're speaking from experience...

Run to the back of the room and use Ascend to get to the door. Grab the box and ride the lift up. Put the box right by the Wing track and then ride up the next lift. Open the chest with 3 zonaite. Build a flying vehicle, stick the box on the back of it, and then ride it back to the Factory. Bring the box to the Construct, and then slot the Leg in.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: Guidance From Ages Past Quest - Construct Factory, Spirit Temple 5
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Left-Leg Depot

Go southeast from the Construct Factory and you'll find the doorway to the Left-Leg Depot. Walk in, examine the terminal, get the box, and you'll be locked in.

Take the box and ride the rocket lift. You'll find a Zonai Dispenser to the right — use it if you need some Zonai devices. Opposite you'll spot a ramp (which is upright) and a crank. Pop the box at the base of the ramp and strap a Rocket Zonai device (or two) to it — you'll find these in the corner of the room. We also put a Steering Stick on ours.

Push the crank anti-clockwise until the ramp lines up with the upper ledge. Stand on the box and activate the rockets — you should be launched right into the open ledge. Pop the box in the pathway leading out of the depot, and then turn to see a lift and some lasers. Head up and remove the chest from behind the lasers with Ultrahand for 3 zonaite.

Head back down and, if you want, attach a Cart to the box along with a Steering Stick. Alternatively, you can simply carry the box out of the depot and to the Construct.

Left-Arm Depot

You'll find the Left Arm southwest of the Construct Factory. This is another depot you can simply walk into. Head up the stairs, interact with the device, and you'll get your box and be locked in.

To the left, hit the wheel to open the door — remember how this is set up as you'll need to recreate this later. You'll be inside a lava-filled room. Grab the Steering Stick and pop it on top of the box. Then turn and grab the two Big Wheels on the back of the door and stick them to the box. Activate your little car and ride it over the lava.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: Guidance From Ages Past Quest - Construct Factory, Spirit Temple 8
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In the next room, you'll see a much thinner path that your wheels won't fit through. You'll need to disassemble the car and rebuild it, either by putting the wheels on the short sides of the box or by reassembling the car, very wonkily, through the walls of the path. Then you'll be able to ride through.

Climb up the ladder and glide over to a chest containing 5 Steering Sticks. Head back to your vehicle and break it up again. Remember the wheel door from earlier? You'll need to build your own.

To do this, stick both wheels on the door so the arrows face in opposite directions. Then, stick the chain to the wheel. Hit the wheel, and the door will open. If you don't want to do that, use a combination of Ultrahand and Recall to pin the door open (with the box) and slide through.

Open another chest with 3 zonaite, then grab the Fans from under the propellers and the steering stick to the far right to build a little raft with your box. Pop the box in the water and then ride it to the end of the river to reach the Factory. Take the box to the Construct and put the arm in.

Right-Arm Depot

The last depot is northwest of the Factory. Walk in that direction until you reach some raised stone platforms, then Ascend to the depot entrance. Once again, interact with the device to get your box and be locked in.

To your right, you'll spot a conveyer belt made with Small Wheels. Place the box onto it and it'll ride up automatically. Follow it up. You'll spot more wheels and a pillar which is conducting electricity. First, drop down and grab the chest in the cave containing a large zonaite. Then grab two Small Wheels from the conveyer belt and stick them on either side of the box. Put the box on the pillar and then ride it across to the other side.

In the next room, you need to turn your box into a four-wheeled car. Either stick two more wheels onto the box (along with a Steering Stick) or use one of the stone slabs to make a bigger car. Then, ride it out of the depot and towards the Factory to put the last piece of the robot in.

How to get to the Spirit Temple

Once you've finished building your Construct, it will awaken and Mineru will thank you. She'll mark your next destination on the map — the Spirit Temple — to the southeast of your location. There's a lot of gloom on the way, but you have a brand new ally to hand.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: Guidance From Ages Past Quest - Construct Factory, Spirit Temple 15
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Link can ride the Construct by walking up to it and pressing 'A', and you have full control over its movements. This will consume Energy Cells, but it means you'll be able to avoid the gloom. Ride the Construct south to the lift you came in on, and you'll be taught how to attack things to the Construct's arms and back. This section is essentially a tutorial for the Construct, and it's worth visiting all of the armouries as you go.

Attach whatever you like to the Construct — things like spiked balls and Flame Emitters are great on the arms. These items will break after some time. Head east to the next armoury, testing out your new attacks along the way. At the next armoury, Mineru suggests that speed is a good idea — attaching a fan to the Construct's back is a great way to make her run faster.

Just keep heading south towards the marker on your map, passing and activating Sitoju Lightroot (coordinates 1215, -2540, -0612) along the way. You'll pass a Blue Hinox on the way — fight it if you want for some nice monster parts. Break through the rocks along the way with your Construct — either with spiked ball arms or Cannon hands.

Eventually, you'll reach an armoury with Rockets right in front of the Spirit Temple (coordinates 1391, -3118, -0638). Mineru will tell you that the Construct can't climb up walls. Stick a Rocket on the Construct's back, walk up to the broken pathway, and use the Rocket to fly up to the Spirit Temple.

Walk up the altar, activate it to ride the lift down, and you'll see the secret stone that you're after. Walk onto the gloom-covered platform, and you'll be ambushed.

How to beat the Spirit Temple boss

There's no Spirit Temple dungeon or puzzle — you've already done the puzzle side by building Mineru's Construct. But this "chapter" is capped off with a boss fight.

Find out how to give this boss a good left hook in our Spirit Temple boss walkthrough. And, after you beat the boss, you may want to go on a journey to collect the Master Sword — if you haven't already got it. You can find out how to get it in our Master Sword guide.

With your final ally at your side, you're almost ready to take on the Demon King. For more hints and tips, check out our Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom walkthrough.