Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: Fire Temple - All Puzzle Solutions, Boss Strategy 1
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The Fire Temple in Tears of the Kingdom is situated far underground Hyrule and is a pretty darn big one — which makes it a little confusing to navigate sometimes.

As a dungeon, it's probably the longest, with lots of minecart puzzles for you to dig into. It also comes after a long journey from Goron City, up Death Mountain, and through the depths, and is part of the Yunobo of Goron City Main Quest.

Quick warning — some of the below images will have some minor spoilers, as this isn't the first temple we tackled in the game. So you may spot things that may come later in the game for you.

With that out of the way, here's how to get through the Fire Temple and how to unlock all of the padlocks.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: Fire Temple Walkthrough

Fire Temple Title
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Gorondia, once a former Goron city, is buried in the Eldin Canyon Depths below the Goron's current home. You'll dive right into Death Mountain and traverse treacherous lava pools in order to get here. This is a five-story temple, connected with broken minecart tracks that take you between floors and across huge gaps in the ruins.

This should go without saying at this point, but make sure you have the Flamebreaker Set from Goron City before you tackle this dungeon. You could just chug down flame-proof elixirs every so often, but if you have the armour, you don't have to think about this. Also, wooden weapons will just burn down here, so it's metal and Zonaite all the way.

Once you're ready, head into the central chamber, examine the Zonai terminal, and you'll be told you need to unlock the five padlocks by hitting gongs across the temple.

Dungeon Map

This is the biggest of the traditional dungeons in the game, so don't be afraid to fast travel back to the entrance if you lose your bearings.

We've numbered the locks on each map in the order we completed them in. However, you can complete each of them in any order you want.


Fire Temple 1F
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Fire Temple 2F
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Fire Temple 3F
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Fire Temple 4F
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Fire Temple 5F
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Open the five padlocks

Padlock 1

Once you've examined the Zonai terminal, leave the central chamber and go south, then turn left to find two lava rivers. On the first, hop over to the other side using the slates of stone. The second river is much wider, and there are no slates.

To your left, you'll notice some Hydrant Zonai devices. Activate it to cause water to spray out of it, then pick it up and you'll see that the water solidifies as it hits the lava. Walk across the lava as the water creates the platforms to reach the other side.

Fire Temple  1
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Hop in the minecart on the tracks and hit it to start the fan. Then, using Yunobo's ability, hit the switch to the left of the tracks to change the minecart track's route. You'll end up in the south room, and if you walk around, you'll find a Fire Like. Defeat it, and then behind the pillar, you'll find more Hydrants. Grab one, and take it down the slope to the lava to create some more slate. Four small bits or a longer piece and a smaller piece should be enough.

With the slate, use Ultrahand to stick the pieces together to create a path across to the marbled rock, then break it with Yunobo's roll ability. Walk in, and roll Yunobo into the gong to undo the first padlock.

Padlock 2

Go back to your minecart and hit the switch to open up the gate. Get in your minecart and ride it (breaking the boulder with Yunobo) up to 2F. You'll pass a chest along the way which contains 10 arrows

When you reach the end of the track, hit the bell-looking device to turn your minecart around. Get back in, activate the fan, and then hit the arrow switch ahead with Yunobo to change the direction from left to right. You'll stop at a gate at around the halfway point of the map. If you open the gate by hitting the bell and ride the minecart north, you'll reach another chest with 10 arrows. Ride back to the middle platform.

To reach the gong, get out of your minecart, cross the bridge to your left, and then hit the bell to bring the tracks down a level. Use Ultrahand to pop the minecart onto the tracks, and then ride it north to a lava-filled chamber. Break the marbled boulder in the pool of lava to allow the Hydrant's water up top to hit the lava, and then let the slate flow towards you. Hop on a piece, and then use recall to send it back the way it came, allowing you to access the other side.

Defeat the Construct in the next room, and then hit the gong with Yunobo. And that's your second padlock done.

Padlock 3

Backtrack over the lava again and return to the minecart you rode to get to the second padlock. Use Ultrahand to move it to the left minecart track, and get inside it. Ahead of you is a bell — hit it with an arrow to raise the tracks up, which will take you to 3F.

There are no gongs on 3F, but there are plenty of ways to go from here. If you want, you can ride the short minecart tracks in the northwest of the island to reach a chest with a Strong Zonaite Shield. You access Padlock 4 from this room as well.

Grab the Zonai device capsules in the back of the room and defeat the Constructs. Think of this room as the centre of the temple — you'll be back here a lot. Open the chest for another bunch of arrows. You can also activate a lift back down to 1F for a nice little shortcut.

Fire Temple  10
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To the north, there are two bells. Hit the one on the left twice, and the one on the right once. Hop into a minecart and then ride the circular path around, defeat the Construct in the neighbouring minecart, and then jump out when you reach a platform with a staircase.

Walking up a slope reveals a gong high up (it's technically on 4F) and a boulder. Smash the boulder by aiming Yunobo up the conveniently-placed slate. You'll reveal a Hydrant. Now you need to build a bigger slope to allow Yunobo to hit the gong. Let the Hydrant's water create slates of stone and use that to create your ramp. Shoot Yunobo up the ramp, and that's the next padlock undone.

Fire Temple  11
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Padlock 4

Back in your central room in 3F, you want to get to the southwest section of the map. You can do this with a minecart and a rocket, which will launch the minecart across the broken rails to the southwest side of 4F. At the back of the room you'll notice a broken bridge, which you can stick back together using Ultrahand. This will make the bridge slope upwards. Before you do anything else, climb the bridge, and go around the back to reach a chest with a Ruby inside.

Using your newly-crafted bridge, look up and you'll see a marbled boulder. With Yunobo, break the boulder to open up a hole, and a large block will also fall down. Climb up the block and use Recall on it to travel up to 5F. The gong will be on your left.

Padlock 5

You want to head back to the room with Padlock 3. Using that ramp you made earlier, fire Yunobo at a marbled boulder to the southwest. To get over there, you can make a really long slope and attempt to run up there or go from Padlock 4 on 5F and glide around the front.

In the room, drop down the central hole. Partway down, there's a chest with a Soldier II Reaper. When you're back in 1F, you're in an enclosed room with a gong. Hit it, and that's the final padlock open. You can also hit a switch in this room to open up the gate., saving you a long journey back to the central chamber.

Head back to the chamber, interact with the device, and then head into the large dome-shaped room. Roll Yunobo up the side of a wall to hit the rock above you — which isn't actually a rock. In fact, it's a familiar foe...

How to beat the Fire Temple Boss

You've made it to the boss — now it's time to see how to defeat the big bad of this underground dungeon.

This one really just requires good aim and good use of Yunobo's charge ability — you'll be doing a lot of rolling and a lot of whacking. For more help on taking down this big, rocky foe, check out our Fire Temple boss guide.

With the Fire Temple conquered, the heat is really on. Your next stop is likely the Lanayru region and the Zora Domain, but maybe you were brave and went for the Fire Temple first. Regardless of your path, check out our Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom walkthrough for all of the tips, hints, and maps you need.