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With so many Shrines of Light to find in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you won't be surprised to find out that, for many, the challenge of the Shrine is actually unlocking them.

Shrine Quests usually involve you bringing a crystal to a Shrine in order to get the thing to appear, but sometimes, you'll just be lead on a path towards a shrine.

This is a list of all of the Shrine Quests, where to find them, and what Shrines they unlock. For some of the more difficult ones, we've got individual walkthroughs for them, which we'll link below.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: All Shrine Quests

What is a Shrine Quest?

A Shrine Quest is a quest that will unlock a Shrine of Light, which in turn will reward Link with a Light of Blessing, an item which Link can trade with a Goddess Statue for an additional heart or chunk of stamina. Four Light of Blessings = one heart or 1/5th stamina increase.

Shrine Quests are different to Side Quest and Side Adventures, which are listed separately in your Purah Pad. Make sure you check our list of All Side Adventures if you're looking for those.

Many of these involve carrying a crystal to a Shrine pedestal, but there are some which are completely different and simply require you to follow NPC hints to find them.

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If you're looking for maps on where to find all of the Shrines, check out our All Shrine Locations guide. It's actually entirely possible to find some of these Shrines without completing the Shrine Quest, so if you're missing quests but have all the Shrines, that's why!

How many Shrine Quests are there?

There are 31 Shrine Quests in Tears of the Kingdom. You need to clear every single Shrine Quest to get 100% completion, but you don't need to do every single Shrine Quest to activate the shrine.

For example, you don't need to clear Legend of the Soaring Spear to access Utojis Shrine. You could entirely miss the notebook sitting next to the table and figure out what you need to do without reading it!

All Shrine Quests

Don't forget, you can sort the Shrine Quests alphabetically by clicking on the Shrine Quest header in the table below.

Shrine Quest Starting Point Shrine Unlocked
The Satori Mountain Crystal Satori Mountain - Hyrule Ridge Usazum Shrine
The White Bird's Guidance Rito Village - Tabantha Frontier Wao-os Shrine
The Gisa Crater Crystal Gisa Crater - Tabantha Frontier Ikatak Shrine
The North Hebra Mountains Crystal Hebra Mountains Sisuran Shrine
The Northwest Hebra Cave Crystal

Hebra Mountains Northwest Cave - Hebra Mountains

Rutafu-um Shrine
A Pretty Stone and Five Golden Apples Korok Forest, Lost Woods - Great Hyrule Forest Pupunke Shrine
None Shall Pass? Korok Forest, Lost Woods - Great Hyrule Forest Sakunbomar Shrine
Maca's Special Place Korok Forest, Lost Woods - Great Hyrule Forest Ninjis Shrine
The Death Caldera Crystal Death Caldera - Eldin Canyon Momosik Shrine
The Lake Intenoch Cave Crystal Lake Intenoch Cave - Eldin Canyon Moshapin Shrine
Rocks for Sale Tarrey Town Jochi-ihiga Shrine
Dyeing to Find It Lanayru Great Spring Kurakat Shrine
The High Spring and the Light Rings Mount Lanayru

Zakusu Shrine

The Lanayru Road Crystal Lanayru Great Spring O-ogim Shrine
The Ralis Channel Crystal Ralis Channel - Lanayru Great Spring Joniu Shrine
Keys Born of Water West Necluda Jochisiu Shrine
The Oakle's Navel Cave Crystal Oakle's Navel Cave - Necluda Tokiy Shrine
Ride the Giant Horse Faron Grasslands Ishokin Shrine
The Lake Hylia Crystal Lake Hylia En-oma Shrine
Legend of the Soaring Spear Tobio's Hollow Cave - Necluda Utojis Shrine
The Gerudo Canyon Crystal Gerudo Canyon Rakakudaj Shrine
The North Hyrule Sky Crystal North Hyrule Sky Archipelago Mayam Shrine
The South Hyrule Sky Crystal South Hyrule Sky Archipelago Jinodok Shrine
The Tabantha Sky Crystal Tabantha Sky Archipelago Ganos Shrine
The East Hebra Sky Crystal East Hebra Sky Archipelago Taninoud Shrine
The Sky Mine Crystal Sky Mine - Akkala Sea Sky Gikaku Shrine
The Sokkala Sky Crystal Sokkala Sky Archipelago Natak Shrine
The South Lanayru Sky Crystal South Lanayru Sky Archipelago Mayanas Shrine
The North Necluda Sky Crystal North Necluda Sky Archipelago Josiu Shrine
The West Necluda Sky Crystal West Necluda Sky Archipelago Ukoojisi Shrine
The Necluda Sky Crystal Necluda Sky Archipelago Kumamayan Shrine

That's a list of every single Shrine Quest in Tears of the Kingdom. Have a look at our Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom walkthrough for other tips, tricks, and guides on what to do in Hyrule.