A Call From The Depths
Image: Nintendo Life

A Call From The Depths is a side adventure that can be taken on as soon as you've got your paraglider from Purah. In order to start this one you'll need to take some specific steps as there's no NPC to initially set things in motion. Let's take a look.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: A Call From The Depths

How To Start The Mission

To get started on this side mission path we want to first head directly south of Hyrule Field Skyview Tower a little ways until we reach the imposing wall that we've pictured and located on our maps below for you. Here you'll find a bunch of boulders plugging a leak.

Our next step is to use fused weapons or a nice bomb flower to destroy these boulders and have the water gush through, opening up a path ahead.

Now that we've bypassed the boulders, you'll hear a voice which directs us to the ruins of the Temple of Time, which you should be able to make out just a short distance away.

Head on over to the ruins and interact with the Goddess Statue here who'll explain to you that you must collect four eyes from four chasms which have now been pinpointed on your world map. Once you reach each of the chasms, you'll need to locate an eye nearby and then hurl it down into the Depths.

When all four eyes have been dispatched you'll then need to head into the Depths and bring them to a central location directly underneath the ruins of the Temple of Time. OK!

Goddess Statue Eye Locations

Eye #1 - North

We'll start with the north chasm that's marked on your map and once you arrive here you'll want to search for the pool of water nearby that you can see in our pics. Use Ultrahand to nab the eye you'll see resting on the bottom here and chuck it into the chasm. One down!

Eye #2 - South

The southernmost chasm requires you to use Ultrahand to lift a large rock out of the way and reach the eye you're after.

Eye #3 - East

Over to the eastern chasm on your map now and you'll need to destroy a wall of boulders here to uncover the eye you seek. Simply fuse a rock onto a weapon or launch a bomb flower to take care of the rocks and then chuck the eye down into the depths.

Eye #4 - West

Our final chasm now and this one may take a little paragliding and climbing around to get too, and make sure to have warm clothes or some spicy pepper dishes as well. Once here, you simply need to melt the large ice blocks to uncover our final eye and chuck it down into the depths!

Now that all of the eyes are down in the Depths we can move underground to complete this lengthy side mission.

The Depths - Find The Statue Under The Ruins Of The Temple Of Time

All four eyes should now show up as little cogs on your map once you're down in the Depths, as you can see in our pic below.

A Call From The Depths
Image: Nintendo Life

So, in order to now locate where we need to take each eye, we want to use our world map, hover over the Temple of Time Ruins on the overworld and then cycle to the depths and place a marker so that it's directly below the ruins. This marker should be pretty much centrally located between each of the four cogs that represent each eye.

The central location itself is the multilevel central mine - you may have been here already to get the Autobuild ability - with a huge Bargainer statue on its lower level. Bring each of the four eyes to this statue in order to complete the mission and earn your reward.

A Call From The Depths
Image: Nintendo Life

Note too that each of the eyes that you drop into the Depths will have landed beside handy deposits of Zonai gear that you can use to make travelling to the central mine easier, and you should also make good use of the minecart system down here which will speed things along nicely.

Once you're all done you'll net yourself a Heart Container and the ability to purchase the nifty Tunic of the Depths which provides some much-needed protection against the gloom down here.

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