Link stands outside the entrance to Turtle Rock

In part nine of our Zelda: Link's Awakening walkthrough we’ll be heading to the western section of the mountains and taking on the fire-filled Turtle Rock dungeon to complete our collection of Wind-Fish waking instruments.

Western Tal Tal Mountain Range Walkthrough

Rescuing Marin and Climbing the Mountain

Heading across the dilapidated bridge

The road to your final instrument starts on the dilapidated bridges of the western Tal Tal Mountain Range, just up the stairs from the cave where you took the rooster to find the Bird Key. Stick your hookshot in the tub of rocks on the next section of the bridge to advance.

Link spots Marin on the dilapidated bridge

A little further along the bridge, you suddenly see Marin stranded on a single, precarious plank of wood, calling for help:

Somebody, HELP!
Hey Link!
Some monster put me up here!
What should I do?! I’m afraid of heights!

Fire your Hookshot past her and you’ll heroically sweep her onto the far side of the bridge. She collects herself and says:

Yow! That was a surprise!
Link, thank you!
… … … …
Say… Link…
Uhh… I don’t know how to say this… But…

She’s cut short by the arrival of Tarin who calls her from below:

Hunh?! Tarin?!
Uh… Never mind.
I… I gotta go!

The Owl lets Link know that the end is near

The Owl arrives and remarks on Marin’s purpose here, as well as your next objective:

Hoot! That girl sang her song in front of the egg!
Her Ballad of the Wind Fish is a song of awakening!
Did she actually intend to wake the Wind Fish?!
The next Sirens’ Instrument is in the west.
Play your melodies so the unliving stones might hear!
Show your courage! The Wind Fish waits for you! Hoot!

Head west and climb down the stairs into the caves below. There is a cracked wall offering access to a heart piece to the south – the way forward is to jump into the cross-shaped pit and climb further down into the caves.

Link hookshots across a gap on the way to Turtle Rock

Hookshot across the chasm in the next area and go through the exit.

Outside you will have to climb steps and then a ladder while avoiding a series of bouncing boulders. Once atop the mountain, head west and drop to the stone strewn field below. A cracked wall to the north presents the way forward (there’s another heart piece to the west, however.)

Using the mirror shield to walk into the flames

Entering the crack in the wall, head up and you will find a plume of fire blocking your way. With the Mirror Shield you picked up in the Eagle’s Tower, then you can safely walk towards the fire (with your shield drawn, of course). Climb the steps to the left and you’ll be outside again (lift the rock immediately to your right to establish a warp point).

Waking and Fighting the Turtle Rock

Link plays the Frog's Song of Soul on his Ocarina

At the westernmost point of Turtle Rock is the formation that gives the area its name – the two foot-like pillars flanking a head in the mountain-side. Of course, this isn’t just some fancy Mount Rushmore-esque carving for some kind of well-regarded ectotherm President, it’s actually a long-dormant monster. If you play the Frog’s Song of Soul (the same tune you used to wake the Rooster in Part Eight), the Turtle’s neck will suddenly extend and start picking a fight with you.

Bombing the concussed head of the Turtle Rock

The process of defeating the Turtle Rock involves first coaxing it to concuss itself against the walls of the arena – run back and forth and jump out of the way when it lunges forward – and then dropping a bomb next to its head. Each explosion will gradually chip away at the rock, until the living creature inside is exposed (at which point it becomes fully vulnerable to your other attacks).

Once defeated, the creature explodes, leaving you free to climb inside the mountain.

Ready for the last regular dungeon? Let's continue our Zelda: Link's Awakening walkthrough by heading inside Turtle Rock before learning How To Defeat Turtle Rock Boss.