Link learns about his goals in the Mysterious Forest

To complete part two of our Zelda: Link's Awakening walkthrough we need to defeat the games first boss, Moldrom: Tail Cave Boss.

How To Defeat Moldorm - Tail Cave Boss (Level 1)

Tail Cave Moldorm antechamber

Head towards the boss door taking care to avoid the blade traps in the next room. The stairs here lead to the dungeon you can fall into when fighting the boss.

Tail Cave dungeon boss Moldorm

Muldorm’s weakness should be immediately apparent – the glowing orb on his tail invites a good whack with a sword. Nonetheless, his relatively high speed, erratic movements, and generous knock-back can cause problems, and with few hearts this early in the game don’t be too dismayed if he gets the best of you. Just try your best to keep your distance when the weak spot isn’t exposed and anticipate the semi-circular shapes he typically moves in when approaching to strike.

Link obtains the Full Moon Cello

Four hits will end him: you will be rewarded with a Heart Container and the first of the instruments needed to wake the Wind Fish (The Full Moon Cello).

The screen will fade to white with some cryptic words hinting at your next steps, before depositing you back outside the Tail Cave

A path opens… in the blooms…

Congratulations! With Level 1 completed, we can now continue our Zelda: Link's Awakening walkthrough by Rescuing BowWow from Goponga Swamp before visiting the Bottle Grotto and Finding The Power Bracelet and learn How To Defeat The Bottle Grotto Boss.