Link is approached by two kids in Mabe Village

Concluding part three of our Zelda: Link's Awakening walkthrough it's time to learn how to defeat the Bottle Grotto Boss - Genie.

How To Defeat Genie - The Bottle Grotto (Level 2) Boss

The Genie taunts Link

You’ve finally arrived at the Nightmare’s antechamber – jump the gap, insert the key, and ready yourself for battle.

Whacking the Genie's bottle

The Bottle Grotto’s Genie is a fireball-juggling fiend contained in (what else) a bottle. Run back and forth horizontally to avoid his fireballs and wait for him to taunt you and hide in his pot.

Throwing the Genie's bottle against the wall

Strike the pot with your sword and he’ll berate you, saying:

Your little sword won’t break this bottle!
Even the walls here look tougher than that dinky thing!

Genie separates into two mirages

Well, that was certainly a helpful thing for him to say: pick up the bottle and throw it against those tough, tough walls. Repeat the cycle of dodging fireballs, striking the bottle and throwing it against the walls a couple more times and it will break.

Claiming the Conch Horn

Freed from the bottle, the Genie will duplicate itself and circle you. Eventually, one Genie will be revealed as the real one and will throw a large, homing-fireball – do your best to dodge it, run at him and use your sword to attack him. Once you’ve hit him three times, he will combust, furnishing you with a heart container.

Head through the newly opened door on the right of the boss room and claim the Conch Horn, the second instrument needed to wake the Wind Fish. The screen will then fade to white and you will see another cryptic message:

The prairie is waiting…

With another boss dispatched, we can continue our Zelda: Link's Awakening walkthrough by finding the Slime Key Location, Five Golden Leaves and opening Kanalet Castle Bridge before heading to the Key Cavern to Defeat Key Cavern Boss (Level 3).